Alexander Roman

An eccentric cleric searching for his lost love.

‘Guess How Much I Love You’
(Fluff before Crunch)

He knew something was wrong the day she didn’t come back home…

Athear had asked Alexander to watch over the Silver Gryphon Inn. She was going off with a group of fellow Evlos to aid a neighboring village. It was only with much persuasion that she was able to make him stay. Alex caved because he realized he often got his way… Athear could probably use the break from him…

“You’re right, dear,” he finally said with a defeated look. “I’ll hold the fort while you go.” He perked right back up, now with a serious face. “But I want to make sure these people can protect you as good as me!”

The party of Evlos looked adequate enough. Sure, they were all part of that same race of shapeshifters like his love was, but that didn’t make them born fighters. Athear still had a hard time defending herself despite this. However, it was a sizeable group with enough brain and brawn to provide protection equal to his own. A female priestess was their group leader, with a sorcerer, a barbarian, and a ranger. They reassured him that they would return in a few days, and if they had to stay longer a message would be sent to inform him. Alex agreed.

They were gone for a week, and no message was sent. Alex geared up and went to search for them.

When he arrived at the village it was a wreck. Almost all of the village had been burned down and the embers still smoldered hot enough to make Alex feel uncomfortable even in the fall weather. A handful of villagers were left to pick up the pieces of their lives. Alex inquired as to what happened, and the whereabouts of the Evlos that had were visiting at the time of the attack.

The village had been attacked by a group of snake people they had never seen before. As for the Evlos, they were gone. None of their bodies was found, so it was assumed they had been taken captive. The snake people went deep into the forest after the attack.

Alex thanked them for the information and rushed along the trail left behind by the snake people. It wasn’t fresh, but the tracks were easy enough to follow. As the forest got thicker the evidence of where they had pass was more obvious. Branches and saplings had been cut to clear the way for them.

Eventually, Alex found himself standing before a giant stone doorway in the middle of a clearing. The stones were covered in curly vines that looked as if they were drawing nutrients from the structure itself rather than the earth. Underneath the vines, ruins pulsed slowly and glowed dimly. Within the gate it appeared as if a pool was water was suspended in midair and tilted horizontally to create a mirror, but at the same time it was turning transparent. Alex could feel that the magic was weakening, he had to go in.

After uttering his first prayer in years, Alexander jumped in.

Alexander Roman

Level 6 
Cleric of Avandra 
Tielfing (Current picture doesn't reflect this.)

Gender:         Male
Height:         6' 1" 
Weight:         190 lb
Skin:           Lightly Tanned
Eyes:           Icy Blue
Hair:           Black, Straight; Beardless

Initiative:     4 = 3(1/2LVL) + 1(DEX)

Strength:       16      (+3)
Constitution:   14      (+2)
Dexterity:      12      (+1)
Intelligence:   16      (+3)
Wisdom:         16      (+3)
Charisma:       17      (+3)

Armor Class:            19      = 10 + 3 (1/2LVL) + 6 (chainmail)
Fortitude Defense:      16      = 10 + 3 (1/2LVL) + 3 (STR)
Reflex Defense:         16      = 10 + 3 (1/2LVL) + 3 (INT)
Will Defense:           18      = 10 + 3 (1/2LVL) + 2 (cleric) + 3 (CHA)

Speed:                  5 squares 
Passive Insight:        21 = 10 + 11
Passive Perception:     16 = 10 + 6

Maximum Hit Points:     51
      Bloodied:         25
      Surge Value:      12
      Surges / Day:     9

Character Background: Ward of the Temple
Languages:  Common, Supernal
Wealth: GP-33, SP-1, CP-7
Special possession: One small portrait of Athear held in a small leather wallet.
      Chainmail (E)
      Scythe (E)
      Belmont Whip
      Crossbow bolts (quiver of 20) x1
      Flint and steel
      Pouch (belt) x1
      Rations (1 day) x10
      Rope (50', hempen) x1
      Grappling hook
      Sunrods x2
      Waterskins x1
      Holy symbol (silver)
      Flask (on Keth)
      Ritual book x1
      Ritual components

Alexander Roman

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